Jessica Pacheco from Learning From Strangers _ photo by Aaron War

Photo by Aaron War

Hello Everybody, I’m Jess.

I went to college and studied linguistics, thinking I would master my collection of accents I picked up from movie stars and mariachi singers I liked as a kid; ask any member of my family or one of my childhood friends and you’ll learn that accents were kind of my thing. Then I graduated and decided to get my commercial driver’s license and move to Alaska for a short stint of work. I guess I just wanted to change things up, and boy, did I; during my time in The Last Frontier, I drove 55 ft. tour busses and talked with tourists about our earthly surroundings. Yeop, it was funner than fun.
Well, that stint eventually ended and time kind of does something funny to a person because one thing led to the next and I soon fell head over heels for a freckly redhead Ukrainian who, next, brought me all the way to his motherland for a year of exploration. You may have not guessed it, but one year turned into four years during which I discovered my passion for digital media and the media arts, earned my Master in Media Communications, made a buttload of new forever friends, took inexplicable global travel adventures to faraway places and became pretty darn fluent in Ukrainian, which is my most prized party trick today.
At some point I realized that these life changing experiences were going to be the driving force for not only my career, but for the rest of my life and, so, I was quickly pushed into the world of multimedia storytelling. I am always on a constant search to find, learn and tell compelling stories through my camera and writing and that’s why I created Learning From Strangers – to share my stories with all of you, whoever you are, with the hopes to educate, bring awareness and simply share a laugh or two. I’m also kind of over trying to figure out what my niche is, because I just don’t have one; I cover everything from travel to history, human interest stories and whatever the hell else I fancy. I post here about twice a week and am very active on my social media pages, so be sure to peep there for my daily hap’nins, too. Anyway, I do hope my work connects with you and you with it. Stay in touch!
This is my place of story; where HUMAN lives are told from landscapes of reality and make-believe. We are wired for it. I call it Learning From Strangers.
📍Los Angeles, California
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