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Jessica Pacheco from learning from strangers at aliencon 2018 pasadena california

A 2018 AlienCon review

When I discovered that AlienCon 2018 would be happening in Pasadena, California I was beyond ecstatic. I’m not much of an alien conspiracy buff (yes, I believe in extraterrestrial life but I don’t believe in abduction stories. Rather I believe that when aliens discover us, they will enslave us like we did our own humanity 🙂) but I am a fan of scifi pop culture, astronomy and history, however, which after having looked at the event’s itinerary I would get a bulk of that content while attending AlienCon on Saturday June 16, 2018.

I paid $65 for my Saturday AlienCon pass through the AlienCon official website two weeks in advance. I learned via updates about the event to my phone that the tickets sold out a week after I had purchased mine. I especially liked that I was able to build my itinerary and download it directly to my Google calendar. I built the following schedule for myself:

  • Earth Grids: a study of the geometric energy system surrounding our planet and how it affects life on earth

  • Mysteries of Antarctica: a study by astronaut theorists that suggests an ice-free Antarctica may have been colonized by extraterrestrials in the remote past (this panel was a filler panel in case I wasn’t hungry at this point in the day and needed something better to do than just wait around and people watch)

  • The History of Egypt: Egyptologist Ramy Romany gave a refresher course on the history of Egypt and why it’s so significant to people searching for truth

  • Science Fiction Meets Science Fact: a study of how some of the technologies presented in scifi pop culture have actually become science fact; like lasers and self driving cars, etc.

  • Secret Space Program: a study of evidence pointing at secret space programs organized by governments throughout history (this was a fascinating topic to me because having lived in a post soviet country I know that such secrets are not so secretive after all)

  • AlienCon Party: hopefully self explanatory – i.e. nerds dress up as Giorgio Tsoukalos or Spock from Star Trek and dance the night away.

Patrons attending AlienCon 2018 at the Pasadena Convention Center

A rare sighting of a flip phone at AlienCon 2018

Audience members of every kind attend AlienCon 2018

When I got to the Pasadena Convention Center which was the AlienCon venue, it was already packed with attendees. Folks were dressed in their far out costumes clad with neon beards and galactic platform boots. There are a few parking garages within a block of the convention center. I parked in the overflow lot and paid $15 for the day (quite frankly, that’s about $5 cheaper than most places I’ve found in LA, so I went with it).

At checkin I was given an AlienCon goodie bag that contained an AlienCon pen, the AlienCon official guidebook and a hardcopy of the AlienCon schedule. I noticed that the hardcopy instructed one to download the official AlienCon app where an up to date version of the day’s itinerary could be found. I hate carrying extra stuff, so I gladly downloaded the app only to discover that it entirely differed from the hardcopy I had in my hand and even more so with the itinerary I had organized and downloaded to my Google calendar the day I registered. This was a bit unsettling because, according to the app, most of the day’s panels were about alien abductions and how there is “firm evidence” pointing to aliens living among us. Yeah, not exactly my cup of tea. Nonetheless, I felt inclined to get to the bottom of it, so I asked one of the event chauffeurs what was up to which she explained that some panelists pulled out of the event causing organizers to adjust panels. She added, “everyone is pissed about it.” Despite the inconvenience, I made do and built another program for myself, including:

  • What is astrobiology? : a study of life in the universe (which ended up being maxed out to capacity, so I didn’t get to go to this one)

  • Ancient Giants of North America and the Stonehenge Connection: a study of multiple global reports that describe giants having lived among us (this was actually really interesting. I usually approach this kind of stuff with a very skeptical lens but there were a few points that I found pretty fascinating. I will elaborate below)

  • The History of Egypt (same summary as that mentioned prior and oh my God was it absolutely amazing!!!)

  • The Truth Embargo: this one was kind of like the Secret Space Program panel and I stayed for the first thirty minutes but got tired of hearing how Hilary Clinton is/was involved in hiding alien evidence from Americans. I mean, come on now!?)

I planned on attending the AlienCon party in the evening but decided against it after sitting nearly the entire day in a cold AF convention center and having nearly no personal space throughout the entirety of the event (the venue was a bit small for the turnout).

So, what were my impressions of each of the panels? Well, they were interesting with some turning out far more interesting than I expected and others very much not so. Of the panels I attended (btw I did step into a few other panels that I did not list because they weren’t too memorable and a little farfetched to my liking) my absolute favorite was Ramy Romany’s The History of Egypt lecture. He is so freakin’ knowledgable! He was also fantastic at dealing with the weird public (public is just weird in general) and in such a fun, kind and interesting manner. He presented a most epic topic of 4,000 years old Ancient Egypt in an one hour lecture that covered the idea of Imhotep possibly being Joseph from the Bible (however the timeline is off), how intricate the Great Pyramid is from the inside because he’s an egyptologist and thus has been COUNTLESS times and – here’s my favorite – how he got caught in a sandstorm during a dig that whipped up such a flurry of sand that it revealed in its wake the mummy of a nobleman with amulets made of precious jewels and gems. And here I thought I had experienced some pretty incredible stuff in my life – HA! After Ramy’s epic storytelling he opened the floor for questions and here comes this dude from the audience with this question: “Can you please explain hieroglyphics depicting UFOs?”


But, Ramy politely responded by telling him that such symbols are not present in hieroglyphs and that maybe there is confusion of their interpretations because hieroglyphs were created with the consideration of being decipherable by readers. In sum, hieroglyphs were and are intended to be basic and all telling and Ramy even used the example that any language in the world today is far more complicated than Egyptian hieroglyphics because of the aforementioned reason.

Ramy Romany gives a lecture about the History of Egypt at AlienCon 2018

Hugh Newman seminar Ancient Giants of North America and the Stonehenge Connection at AleinCon 2018 - map of where giant remains have been excavated in North America

Hugh Newman discusses his panel on giants of north america and the stonehenge connection at aliencon 2018 in pasadena california

Of the other panels, I liked Ancient Giants of North America and the Stonehenge Connection. It was presented by Hugh Newman, a world explorer and megalithomaniac, which is someone who is a maniac about megaliths? Makes sense. Anyway, he seemed like a pretty cool dude who did a lot of research to get to the bottom of whether giants existed, which according to Newman, they absolutely did. I, on the other hand, also think they existed (not to the extent of 17 feet tall or anything like those seen in Game of Thrones but something like ten feet or so) and, so when he provided his own research to support this theory, I was hooked.

In summary, Newman traveled the world to find evidence in history that giants roamed the earth alongside homo sapiens sapiens – us. His study took him to Spain where he discovered texts dating to the 1500’s Spanish conquests in which giants are explicitly described, and to England where he discovered that the English sea captain Frances Drake wrote in his diary about his discovering polar giants in Patagonia and lastly to the American Southwest where he learned of the Spanish explorer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda who wrote of “a race of giants” discovered in 1519 Texas. Newman also covered the Old Testament speaking of giants existing in Jerusalem (which I can confirm since I am currently reading Genesis for a historical and educational purpose. After all, if one wants to begin to understand humanity, one should read the world’s scriptures).

After Newman’s panel, I was mostly done with the event. I couldn’t see myself sitting around for much longer. In fact, sometimes I look back on my life with amazement wondering how I was able to sit in on a full day’s worth of lectures and five days a week without giving up. My overall impression about the event is okay. If it wasn’t for Ramy Romany’s and Newman’s lectures, I probably would not have stuck around and instead eaten the ticket money. Would I go again? Maybe. To be honest, it all depends on who will turn out to present at the next event. I took away some new knowledge regarding some of the disciplines I love (history and archeology) and so it wasn’t all so bad. The only thing I suggest for improvement is that the event organizers inform paying patrons of major schedule changes ahead of time – better to keep us in the loop than not, and book in a far bigger venue especially for the marketplace. I hope this helps some of you planning to attend future AlienCons. If you went to AlienCon 2018 or 2017, what are your impressions? Do you believe in aliens? Abductions? The magic of Ancient Egypt? Tell me what you know/think in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you! ✌

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